Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Mythical Sculpture! - "The Golden Fish" by Alexandros Arabatzoglou

In some cultures a fish can be a potent sign of fertility, signifying abundance, movement and creativity. For example, in Roman mythology a fish can be a symbol of love – fetching Venus to mind – or the power of the waters, mighty Neptune. Fish in baskets – as in meals of plenty, bread and wine, the foods of redemption – and fish in association with an axe as in Assyria and Crete, or perhaps with moon shapes in many of the fishing cultures, all represent blessings and confer magic fertility on the catch or upon the whole community.

In China. Great Mother Kwan-yin was often portrayed as a fish. In India the Goddess Kali was called ‘the fish eyed one’, and in ancient Egypt, Isis was called Great Fish of the Abyss. In Greece. the Greek word ‘delphos’ meant both fish and womb. The word is derived from the oracle at Delphi, who worshipped the original fish goddess Themis.

"Alexandros, is giving everything to get into his sculpture, the same amount of hummanity and seriousness, nobility and experience, acceptance of life, distinction and aristocracy.With absolutely no tricks, no effection, no self conciousness, looking straight ahead, no movemant...but more alive than a real person."

Alexandros Arabazoglou was born in Heraclion, Crete in 1970. He comes from an art family, and from when he was a child, he got involved in the art of jewellery. He was designing and creating unique pieces and he was selected as a fine artist from the BBC channel. Soon he discovered his passion for harder materials, and he started to work with Bronze and different kinds of stones, clay and glass. After many years of work, he had managed to match these materials together, and create his own style in modern art. All his pieces are unique (editions of one). He has taken part in many exibitions all around the world, and many of his sculptures are in private collections.

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