Wednesday, 5 December 2007

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Artery Gallery is a leader amongst Scottish contemporary art galleries, and have gathered the best of Scottish and International talent.

With galleries in both St Andrews and Crieff, as well as an extensive and secure website, buying original art has never been more accessible and affordable.

Paintings by popular abstract artists such as Derek Collins with his 'Flaming Art' and Peter Davenport,

Bold, colourful landscapes by Martin Devine

Seascapes by Colin Carruthers, the consistently selling artist exclusive to Artery Gallery.

Leading Australian contemporary artist Andrew Baines

Crete sculptor Manolis Patramanis

Sculptor and painter James Adams from the Isle of Skye

Scottish figurative sculptor Ronna Elliott

as well as many unique art gifts from John McPhail, Tim Fowler, Allan Craig, Rob Mulholland

and handmade silver jewellery by Patricia Segrillo, Christine Forsyth, Yanina, and much much more...

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Tuesday, 20 November 2007

The Hooded Monks

These are new hand crafted, ceramic 'Hooded Monks' by highly respected Cretian sculptor Manolis Patramanis. The monk figures represent how people in everyday challenging roles are putting themselves forward to serve the world by devoting their energies into helping those in need, often going unnoticed and unpublicised,

The work undertaken by these unknown ‘Hooded’ Samaritans is ever more highlighted over the increased Christmas period, yet their endeavour continues throughout the year. A hooded monk on the mantelpiece can act as a nice little reminder.

Most of the sculptures by Manolis Patramanis are developed from his thoughts on life, and his work is exclusively available in the UK through Artery Gallery at 43 South Street, St Andrews (01334 478221) and 22 King Street, Crieff (01764 655722), priced from £75

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Scottish Art on Fire

Artery Gallery is a leader amongst Scottish art galleries and has become known for not only its diverse collection of contemporary art, but also for its broad range of national and international artists with their own unique backgrounds.

One particular Scottish artist who fits this mold and is on constant exhibition at Artery Gallery with his 'Flaming Art', is professional artist from Airdrie, Derek Collins. Derek creates stunning works of abstract art by pouring carefully selected special resins, powders, pigments and liquids on to canvas. His creations really come to life when the main ingredient is added, fire!

Derek’s art is an extension of the specialist paint effects he has been applying for many years. He says, “I love the way other paints and lacquers affect one another, if one paint is not compatible the other paint does not want to touch it so it moves away or breaks the weaker paint and forms another effect. When you then add the thinners of different paints, another reaction takes place, too much thinner will make it flow out but set it alight and it will evaporate the thinners and seal off the paints.”

As well as these paints and lacquers, Derek has used all kinds of extra materials in his art, from sand and shards of glass to leaves and moss. Customers can even provide specific stones, gems and personal photographs that can be incorporated into the artwork. A couple of years ago he was approached by a woman who had come across his flaming art, and asked him to incorporate her mother’s ashes into a painting. Being an incredibly sensitive matter, it’s something Derek took on with great pride and care. He says “Quite often people are left with loved ones ashes and are not quite sure what to do with them. Using the ashes in a painting is a great way to commemorate a life, and creates something close and personal that can be kept in the home and more importantly in the family for years and years to come.” Derek has since been asked many times to create these special artworks incorporating the ashes of loved ones.

Even in his early years as a decorator, Dereks forte was the use of colour, but he has always had the passion to experiment and create. What he is achieving now with his art has just been a natural progression, all steming from many years ago when he was experimenting with decorative paint effects on his stone floors. Now he has all the freedom of expression he desires to create, on canvas, these fine works of contemporary abstract art.

Artery Gallery has been a major supporter of contemporary Scottish artists over the years and continues to boost artist profiles, such as that of Derek Collins. Derek says “I have made giant leaps forward in recent years and my art is very much recognised and highly sought after across Scotland and the UK, with Artery Gallery in St Andrews being the most prolific in selling my work”.

He has also helped raise money in an art auction for the Prince of Wales Hospice by donating, what proved to be, an extremely popular painting of Scottish comedian Billy Connolly emerging naked from the Clyde!

Artery Gallery in St Andrews

Artery Gallery opened in St Andrews in May of 2006 and made an immediate impact with its locals and visitors to the town. Based at 43 South Street, it is in an ideal location situated opposite the Byre Theatre and just a few yards up from the famous Jannetta’s Ice Cream shop and with the cathedral ruins in the same corner of St Andrews, people are drawn all the way through to Artery Gallery’s part of town.

St Andrews is well known for attracting many overseas visitors for its history, education and golf, and Artery Gallery has had visitors of it's own from across the world including Japan, France, Italy, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada and the USA, all purchasing original artwork or leaving positive comments in the visitor guestbook.

Artery Gallery has also been a major supporter of new artists over the past few years from the gallery in King Street, Crieff and through their award winning website, and continues to boost artist profiles by now introducing them to St Andrews where its UK and overseas visitors can see some of the best emerging contemporary artwork first hand.

Bing Wang and his superbly detailed still life oil paintings have also become well collected by Artery Gallery’s local and national buyers, Sangster’s Restaurant of Fife being the most notable.

Since opening, Artery Gallery has exhibited many Scottish artists including painters James Adams, Angela Lawrence, Jackie Gardiner, Marie Hart, Martin Devine and Graham McKean and sculptors Ronna Elliott and Mark Smith. Other artists exhibiting have been from Australia, Canada and across Europe with the latest being renowned Italian artist Alberto Bertoldi with his amazing oil paintings of clouds. Alberto has arranged over 30 solo exhibitions across his homeland and is now showing his work for the first time outside Italy through Artery Gallery.

Jewellery has also shown great popularity all year round with Artery exhibiting works from 10 different jewellers, stretching from the USA and Brazil, to Israel and Eastern Europe, as well as those from a little closer to home! All very different and unique in techniques, materials and style.

St Andrews now has a gallery that defines modern art to compliment it’s lavish historical buildings, chapels and universities.

"Ladies Who Lunch"

Ladies who do lunch will often find themselves sitting outside a small bistro somewhere in the sun, with their glass of Rose or a Mojhito. Their little pleasures in life helping them escape the routine of home, work and family and a chance to catch up on gossip; complain about their men and talk about clothes and their homes.

At Artery Gallery in St Andrews and Crieff, figurative sculptor Ronna Elliott is exhibiting her beautifully crafted female figures with her own take on ladies of leisure. The titles say it all, with ‘Ladies in Waiting’, ‘Pandora’s Box’, ‘Retail Therapy’ and of course, those ‘Ladies Who Lunch’. Each figure is embellished with their own marks and patterns which are not only decorative but also symbolise metaphorical fingerprints of people who have touched us in some way, often unknowingly.

Ronna graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2000 and shortly after set up her own studio in Hamilton. She has sold out on numerous occasions whilst exhibiting through Artery Gallery.

3 Years and 4 Stars

In 2004, Artery Gallery opened its doors at 22 King Street, Crieff for the first time, bringing with it modern contemporary art from local artists as well as from around the world. The aim behind Artery was to make this art accessible and affordable to everyone. This month, Artery Gallery celebrate their 3rd birthday and at the same time, celebrate retaining their 4 Star Arts Venue title with VisitScotland.

During the 3 years of successful trading in Crieff, Artery Gallery has also expanded into one of Scotland’s prime cities, St Andrews.

The number of artists exhibiting through Artery Gallery has also grown in this time, with popular Scottish artists consistently featuring, such as that of Derek Collins, Graham McKean and Peter Davenport.

In recent months the gallery has also secured unique exhibiting rights on artists Colin Carruthers and Tim Fowler. The Director of Artery Gallery says “We feel this is a bit of a coup for us, being a Scottish contemporary art gallery and securing unique selling rights to the works of successful artists. We always like to work with our artists and try to help them progress, giving them essential feedback we receive from our customers and keeping them up to date with the progress of their work”.

For a historic Scottish town such as that of Crieff, it is important for local businesses to progress and offer an experience that is just that little bit different and build on the good things that Crieff has to offer. Artery Gallery would like to thank all of their customers and visitors alike for their continued support over the past 3 successful years.