Saturday, 26 September 2009

It's All Coming Up Roses (well, Irises) For Derek Collins!

Irises In The Rain (yellow)

Artery Gallery regular, Derek Collins, has just delivered two of his new style, garden inspired paintings.

Derek is famed for being 'The Flaming Artist' - setting his paintings on fire to acheive the unusual paint effect he favours. Derek's technique is unique to him, and helps him create a look which cannot be reproduced. He applies paint, and then puts on a liquid resin, to give a glassy, 'puddle' effect, and then puts on an ignition fluid (sometimes using his best malt whisky!) and sets it alight. His work have ranged from his 'lava' themed pieces - to his love heart themed paintings -

Although Derek has supplied us with flower themed works before, he is using a new technique - using glass inks and dyes inside the liquid resin - it looks as though the colour is captured in a pool.
Irises In The Rain (blue)

Dereks full collection at Artery Gallery can be viewed here:,Derek/1/

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Colourful mixed media paintings by Monica Paton

Fife artist Monica Paton has just delivered more of her extremely popular mixed media, box-canvas paintings. Monica has been working with Artery Gallery for around four years now, and her paintings attract more attention than ever - sometimes selling out within the week! Her canvases are intended to be left unframed, and are around 20cm x 20cm, selling at £70. At this size they are great to fill an empty spot on a wall or can stand on a shelf.

Monica's brightly coloured works of art, entitled 'The Field' are inspired by the Fife landscape and coastline, and this time she has also included some of her rarer, more unusual pieces such as 'The Wish' and 'Forest'.
More of her work can be seen here,Monica/1/