Saturday, 24 November 2012

Bonny Scottish Paintings by John Damari

Renfrewshire artist John Damari paints beautiful seascapes and dramatic landscapes in oil using mainly a palette knife. Naturally much of Johns work is of the west coast of Scotland as he draws inspiration from the ever-changing light over the water.

John was strongly encouraged as a child to explore the world of art and gained his BA with Honors at the Durham School of Art before going on to study at the Academia Europe Di Firenze.

Italy seems to be John’s home away from home and the colours of the glorious Tuscan landscape have inspired the vibrancy he captures in many of his current works.

John is heavily involved with the Prince’s Trust and Christian Aid, he uses his artwork to spread the word of these important charities and donates to many good causes around the UK and worldwide.

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Monday, 5 November 2012

Chris Edwards Melting Candlesticks

These stunning silver plated candlesticks are made by Chris Edwards. Based in Isleworth, West London. Chris develops these intriguing pieces of art taking inspiration from Patrick Caulfield and the surrealists.


Chris originally had a career working as a production designer for the BBC creating the “weird and wonderful for the TV and film industry”- particularly working with metals.


The idea for his ‘melting’ candlesticks came about when he drew some sketches whilst stranded on a snow-bound plane at Edinburgh Airport during the terrible winter of 2010. Since then his artwork has had a wonderful reaction from the public and we are proud to be showcasing a selection of his most recent work.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Gail Stirling Robertson

These quirky paintings by Perthshire artist Gail Stirling Robertson have been a popular addition to our gallery this Autumn. Gail’s unique style gives a modern twist to traditional Scottish buildings and landscapes.

Gail has drawn inspiration mainly from the illustrations of children’s storybooks and album covers - particularly the creations of artists such as Rodger Dean and Rodney Matthews whose fantasy art has heavily influenced her current work.

The distortion of these instantly recognizable scenes has generated an enthusiastic response from our customers here in St Andrews who have described her paintings as both refreshing and memorable.

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