Saturday, 21 July 2012

Contemporary Sculpures by Frank Wilson

Frank Wilson is a Yorkshire born sculptor who now lives and works in Somerset. Frank developed an interest in metal when he was working as an orthopedic surgeon in Yorkshire. The steel used in surgery was specially made to perform life-changing operations. Frank then embraced the unique qualities in the steel when he began making his sculptures. After moving to Somerset he was specially selected to join the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen for his creative work with metal.


Frank creates his artwork by welding and forming the metal electrically. This way of working gives his sculptures an individual look and texture. Frank manages to take a cold and hard material and turns it into something organic and full of life, each piece being completely unique. Due to the way they are made he couldn’t exactly re-create a piece even if he wanted to!

As an artist Frank’s work has evolved over the years growing in quality and design. His main interest lies in creating human figures, which interact in different ways, from lone golfers to large groups walking, running or playing. Another creation is the ’wind hound’- a strange dog like creature, which appears to be leaping in midair in an unworldly way.

Franks sculptures captivate a wide audience of all ages. These minimalist creations depict the essence of both human and animal nature perfectly. His artwork needs no embellishments or long, complicated titles – they speak for themselves.