Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Buy British Made!

Since the economic downtown, everyone has become more wary of their own spending, and rightly so. It’s not just Britain’s economy that has seen a slide, but the world economy as a whole has slumped.

This does not mean though that no one has any money anymore, because employment is still high and people are still earning. What Britain needs to do now is simply look after itself.

Sir Alan Sugar was recently quoted as saying “Buy British to support the British economy”. This is not just a throw away comment to grab a headline, this is something that we should all think about doing.

There may well be some items that are unavoidable of course. For example, kids this Christmas will inevitably be after the usual computer consoles and electronics, and if you end up buying a British “Wii”, the chances are you have got the wrong thing!!

Unfortunately of course, so much stuff is made in China these days that it is very hard to find a British product, particularly in such areas as electronics and clothing.

The arts and crafts market however is a good example of where to find good quality British made products. Buying an artwork as a gift is ideal primarily because of its individuality coupled with the knowledge it has been handmade by a skilled craftsperson or artist. The receiver of such an art gift will also notice and appreciate the work and thought that has gone into finding and selecting the piece.

It’s not just a case of supporting the craftsperson as an individual business and helping to keep them in employment, but can also go someway in supporting the supplier of the artists materials, the framers, delivery and courier companies and of course the shop or gallery where you purchased it from. It’s a large circle of activity that gains the support with every purchase of a British made product.

So not only are you buying into an artwork that you can enjoy, or give to someone else to enjoy and treasure, but in your small way you are helping employment and the British economy stay as healthy as possible and regain it’s strength.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Prince's Trust Enterprise Award 2008

Here at Artery Gallery, we wish to congratulate Lora Leedham, one of our extremely talented jewellery designers, in winning the Prince's Trust Enterprise Award 2008 for the West Midlands.

(Lora Leedham accepting her award)

The Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards West Midlands honoured the achievements of disadvantaged young people supported by The Trust who have succeeded against the odds, improved their chances in life and had a positive impact on their local community.

The award ceremony took place at the Birmingham ICC and was hosted by ITV Central presenter Joanne Malin. All the finalists were selected from the 3,800 young people supported by The Trust in the West Midlands over the past year.

Birmingham based jeweller Lora Leedham had a tough start in life, growing up in an area where underachieving at school and lack of opportunities were the norm. But Lora went in search of something more and was determined to make something of herself against such difficulties.

She took a huge gamble by starting up her own jewellery company with the help of The Prince’s Trust. The gamble paid off and her business is now booming with nearly forty stockists across the UK and Europe, including both branches of Artery Gallery.

Lora has been selling her work succesfully here at Artery Gallery for the last two years, with her Venitian Glass Heart Pendants in particular proving a massive hit with our customers.

Well done Lora and may your success continue.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Original Art for the Workplace

Well-chosen, good quality original art displayed in the workplace should be considered as being part of the welcome package of any company. It can provide a subtler and more innovative way of sending messages about the organisation, the approach and their people, and goes beyond the recognised company logo and corporate image identity.

In the increasingly competitive business environment, quality art is playing a key role in strengthening and communicating the image, ethos and values of a growing number of restaurants, hotel chains, companies and organisations. There are also other real benefits. Art has been shown to improve the staff environment and research has revealed that employees find art in the workplace extremely motivating. It makes people feel that their workplace is a creative and stimulating one. Staff often mention that they feel more inspired and motivated, when their stark and anonymous corporate walls are hung with uplifting art. As well as energising the working environment, artwork in the office has also been proven to have a subliminal effect in helping reduce stress among employees! What a great return from simply hanging a few well-chosen paintings!

Investing in original art can also show the companies involvement in supporting the arts community, whether local or national. Purchasing art can also be considered an investment for the business. Many world class businesses already buy original works year after year for this purpose and claiming them as investments and assets. Another plus is that the purchase of original artworks is treated similarly to that of office furnishings and is usually allowable against tax!
Visit the Artery Gallery website, pop into the galleries or call on St Andrews 01334 478221 or Crieff 01764 655722 to recieve any assistance you may need in purchasing the right artwork for your workplace.