Thursday, 19 March 2009

Original Paintings for Sale

Here at Artery Gallery, we have always prided ourselves on our eclectic range of original paintings on sale. With everyones tastes in art and paintings varying so much, it is very important to cater for these tastes and make available exactly the kind of quality, original paintings that our customers are looking for.

Abstract paintings, Landscape paintings, Seacscape paintings, Surrealism or Still Life realistic paintings, are pretty much all the main areas covered. It is then important to have a wide range of colours, themes and styles. Abstract paintings in particular are usually purchased because of the colours involved in the piece. Landscapes and Seascapes can cover locally related areas of interest or even just give the feeling of a particular area of note for the buyer.

Other paintings can offer something thought provoking and meaningfull within the painting, or simply give an uplifting feeling that can warm a room.

Abstract Paintings:

Derek Collins - Golden Lava

Peter Davenport - Red Breakwater

Contemporary Landscape and Seascape Paintings:

Susan Lincoln - Night Falls

Colin Carruthers - Loch Ailort

Thought Provoking Paintings:

Andrew Baines - Escape of the Corporate Battery Hen

Scott Carruthers - Chasing Rainbows

Photo Realistic paintings:

Bing Wang - Apples on a White Cloth

Alberto Bertoldi - The Last Energy

This is but a small example of the type of original paintings for sale at Artery Gallery. Artists from Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, Italy, Australia and China, all from varying backgrounds. but all creating works of art of the highest quality.

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