Thursday, 9 April 2009

Contemporary Landscape Paintings of St Andrews

Scottish artist Martin Devine has been painting the Scottish landscape for many years. Employing colour theory, Martin varies the use of tone and differing brush strokes to present a contemporary image of the landscape: inspired by minimalism, spare with detail, and encouraging a regard for simplicity. Using a palette of bright, bold and vivid watercolours, he catches the essence of the Scottish landscape beautifully.

Martin has now created a small series of paintings especially for Artery Gallery, capturing the distinctive skyline of the historic town of St. Andrews, and this collection shows off St. Andrews in all it's differing light tones, in his own distinctive abstract form.

Take a look for yourselves by clicking on this image that links to Martin's work on our website, or visit us at 43 South Street, St Andrews for a closer look.

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