Tuesday, 16 June 2009

It's the Wedding Season! Register Your Wedding Gift List With Artery Gallery

An art gift from Artery Gallery is not only a beautiful addition to any home but can also be an investment for the future. Artery Gallery are able to organise your wedding gift list, so you can be a little different and receive a memorable wedding present that you will cherish for years to come.

As the bride and groom, you can choose Artery Gallery as one of your wedding gift list venues. Guests can purchase the selected art you have chosen in your list, whether they buy individually or club together in groups.

Alternatively, the bride and groom can request guests to buy Artery Gallery gift vouchers. These can be purchased individually by guests, and then collected together by the happy couple at the appropriate time. The gift vouchers can then be brought into either of the galleries at a time to suit themselves to choose their favourite pieces of art.

Our wedding gift registration service offers you the opportunity to commemorate your wedding day with a list of gift ideas for your friends and family to choose from.

Anything from clocks and sculpture, to paintings and wall hangings are available, giving you the inspiration and opportunity to build your own collection of unique, original artwork.

When registering your wedding or civil partnership, you receive a catalogue of ideas and suggestions from us, which you can also add your own choices to. When you have chosen all the gifts you hope for, we will complete your registration by adding you and your partner-to-be to our website – with a web-page of your very own. This will include photographs, dimensions and prices of all the items you choose, with a secure, online purchasing function. Your friends and family will be able to browse the pages of your gift list before deciding on their purchase.

Friends and family can even combine their finances to purchase a larger item such as a painting, which can be reserved for your list by paying a deposit of 20%.

Create you own unique wedding gift list today here at Artery Gallery.


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