Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Unique Ceramic Bowls and Vases

Open Leaf Bowl by Sally Mareike £30

What a busy week at Artery Gallery! We have had several new artists join us, and lots of new items delivered by so many different artists.

We have had two new deliveries of handmade ceramics from two different artists - Sally Mareike, and Jenny Barlow.

We have had collections of work from Sally in the past - including her pretty, seashell-imprinted vases and 'atoll' dishes - so summery, it's like a walk on the beach! Sally's new work is totally different to her summer work, but she still features a seasonal theme. Her ceramic bowls and designed in the shape of inter-woven and over lapping leaves, glazed in earthy, Autumnal colours. To get a realistic and unique effect, she collects real leaves and imprints them into the ceramic. This collection features mostly bowls, but she has some pieces which would be useful over the festive period such as cheese plates and biscuit plates.

Jenny Barlow is a new artist to us, who features stunning crackle glazes on her work, combined with a unique effect - wrapping wire around the ceramic work, and then firing, to melt, distort and oxidise the metal wire. As the wire melts during the firing process, it drips and runs into the glaze, creating a molten stream of colour around the piece of work. Her collection includes candle holders, little pots, bowls and big, bold vases, which would make stunning centre-pieces.

Short Pot by Jenny Barlow £40

Both Sally and Jenny's collections can be viewed on our website, along with all our other ceramic work - a really diverse collection!
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