Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Invitation to Exhibit in Artery Gallery

So far the start to 2010 has been hectic! This first term of the year is always a busy time for us - planning our diaries for the new year, sourcing new artwork, and attending trade fairs.

Trade fairs and art fairs give us an opporunity to have a look at emerging artists, new collections from established artists, and give us new ideas for our gallery. However, this year we have found while attending some of these trade fairs, that many small, individual and newer artists cannot afford to exhibit at these sort of events, due to the unstable financial climate, and rising costs of exhibiting. In fact we have found that many larger, more commercial companies, selling mass-produced goods, have taken the place of the independant craftsperson at many of these fairs. What is even more unusual about this, is the fact that during the recession, we have found a much higher demand for quality, hand-made pieces, with the public favouring originality over mass-produced - so now, what is on offer at trade fairs doesn't really represent the consumers choice.

With this in mind, we are giving all craftspeople the opportunity to be considered for exhibition at Artery Gallery, St Andrews. It is a simple process - we ask that you first take a look at our website www.arteryuk.com and browse through the work that we currently have on exhibition. If you think that your work would fit in well with the look and feel of Artery, then send us an email, including some jpeg images of your work for us to look at, including approximate prices and sizes, or send an email with a link to their website - info@arteryuk.com

We will always respond to requests to exhibit in Artery - even if the work is not suitable for us we will always give feedback. Here at Artery, we are used to dealing with artists, crafts people and jewellers at different points of their career - from those just starting out to those who are well established. We pride ourselves not only on our great customer service, but our great 'artist's service' - having built successful careers for many of our artists, and built solid relationships with them too.

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