Saturday, 1 May 2010

Martin Devine's New Creation in Oils

'Sky Streaks, St Andrews' £800

Watercolour artist, Martin Devine, has taken a step away from his usual medium and created a bold image of St Andrews in his recognisable style.

Martin regularly produces paintings in watercolours, with the landscape and urban detail picked out in black Indian ink, St Andrews being one of his favourite subjects. The watercolours are really vibrant and vivid (which is something we don't always associate with watercolours), and he has applied this same approach to his oil painting.

Close up of 'Sky Streaks'

Martin's new work in oils is something which has been 'in the making' for about a year now while he has been taking this time to develop and perfect his technique. In the close-up image of the urban area of this painting, you can see how Martin has maintained his simple, bold shapes, picking each building out in a black outline, and in the close-up image of the sky below, you can see how the new medium of oil gives him a chance to create sweeping colours in the sky using wet-on-wet technique.

This oil painting has arrived along with a new collection of his usual watercolour style, featuring small landscapes, images of St Andrews and his usual bright palette.

Visit Artery on South Street, St Andrews to view his full collection, or see them on our website.

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