Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Scott Carruthers Exhibition

Scott Carruthers’ Solo Exhibition

We are pleased to be hosting the first solo exhibition of acrylic painter Scott Carruthers at Artery Gallery, beginning on 18th May! His exhibition will include a new body of work entitled ‘Paintings of Plastic Men’, the name inspired by Lowry’s ‘Paintings of Matchstick Men’.

Scott is a self-taught artist whose work became so popular that in 2009 he devoted himself to painting full-time. In this short time it is clear that his work has found its niche and resonated with people as his collections regularly sell out.

His signature style features child characters on a clean, white background, allowing the subjects to be the sole focus of the paintings. He says, ‘Painting the characters in a naïve, cartoon-like style helps represent the childhood aspect of the work, taking the seriousness out of the piece and at the same time accentuating the innocence of children. Scott says he is not sure how this particular style came about, but he knew that he wanted them to be simple, yet have something significant happening in them. ‘Keeping the landscape plain and white means there is no outside interference with the essence of the narrative. The focus is then solely on the characters themselves, all the same (as though they could easily just be one person), yet all painted as individuals.’

He calls his work ‘Nostalgic Observations’ as all of the subjects depict childhood and its simplicity. Scott draws inspiration from his own childhood memories and from his children, noting the similarities and differences between the generations.

His work is also largely influenced by the work of Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock, even including tributes to their paintings in some of his work. He pays homage to Warhol in the sense of memories being the foundation for his work and also in depicting modern, iconic subjects such as LEGO people and plastic army men. Scott has created an entire series called ‘Artist Collection’ that pays tribute to some of his inspirations , incorporating aspects of their signature techniques and styles into his work.

Scott’s upcoming exhibition will be comprised of some of his classic work as well as his new ‘Paintings of Plastic Men’ series.

People have said that his figures have a similar look to LEGO people, so in this series, some of his ‘plastic men’ include the iconic children’s LEGO figures as well as other toy figures including plastic soldiers and table football players rather than human figures. His solo exhibition will begin on Wednesday18th May and the viewer will also have a chance to meet Scott and ask him about his work on Saturday 21st May from 1pm onwards. Pop into Artery Gallery at 43 South Street, St Andrews to meet Scott, see his exhibition and even bring home your own nostalgic bit of childhood. We look forward to seeing you!


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