Saturday, 21 April 2012

Life is a Game We Play by Scott Carruthers

Here at Artery Gallery we are very pleased to hear that Scott is currently working on a new series of paintings entitled ‘Life is a Game We Play’. This new work features board games such as chess and scrabble, along with metaphors for life paths and choices.


This latest edition is bright, bold and contemporary. In these paintings Scott uses scrabble letters to spell and shape out quotes and phrases based around everyday life.

Scott’s paintings have always been a subject of intrigue and nostalgia. His paintings evoke fond memories of childhood with his naïve, cartoonlike characters. Scott takes his inspiration from observing his own children playing which then conjure up memories of his own youth.

Scott is a self-taught artist and has been painting full time since 2009. Both his style and subject matter is refreshingly unique and he has been incredibly successful because of this. His new series offers collectors of his work something new and fun.

Coming soon…..

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