Saturday, 20 April 2013

Royal Commission For Whittle Design

One of our artists, Tilly Whittle of Whittle Design, has just finished creating a superb commission piece for the Qatar Royal family.

The commission was an impressive three metre long triptych of wall panels, which were designed for the family’s main dining room in their new beach house.

The Qatar Royal Family are being dubbed by the press ‘The Most Powerful Modern Art Collectors’ after spending a record breaking £250 million on Cezanne’s The Card Players.

It’s been wonderful to be given the opportunity to work on a large scale, enabling me to produce a bold, dynamic piece of work. I’m thrilled that my panels will be displayed in such a beautiful setting and added to the Royal Families vast and varied collection of contemporary art. We are used to creating bespoke commissions but not of this large size. It was a big coupe for us’ Tilly Whittle

Tilly has created many wonderful pieces for us, including steel wall panels, clocks, photo frames and platters. To view the full collection, please click on the image to be taken directly to our website.

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