Monday, 14 October 2013

Modern Day Authentic Cave Paintings by Carruscaux

‘Carruscaux is an artist originally from the South-Western Europe region of what is now modern day France, and lived during the Palaeolithic period, more than 17000 years ago. He was once famed amongst his people as the number one go-to guy for all things design and interior!’ 


‘Whats going on here?’ I hear you asking. Well i'll tell you… A known artist whose name I shall not disclose has chosen to create a pseudonym by the name of Carruscaux. As with any good alter ego in the art world, this means a whole new style of painting, almost unrecognisable as the work of ‘X’.

Welcome to the first collection entitled Modern Day Authentic Cave Paintings.

The painting is called 'Doing The Big Shop'. Note the character with his TESCO bags.      

 ‘The canvas looks like a cave wall… how did you do that?’ I asked.

The trick is, layers of plaster have been applied to the canvas to create a rough, stone like effect. The texture under all of the drawings was vital to complete the overall look. 

‘Rush Hour’

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