Saturday, 10 November 2007

Artery Gallery in St Andrews

Artery Gallery opened in St Andrews in May of 2006 and made an immediate impact with its locals and visitors to the town. Based at 43 South Street, it is in an ideal location situated opposite the Byre Theatre and just a few yards up from the famous Jannetta’s Ice Cream shop and with the cathedral ruins in the same corner of St Andrews, people are drawn all the way through to Artery Gallery’s part of town.

St Andrews is well known for attracting many overseas visitors for its history, education and golf, and Artery Gallery has had visitors of it's own from across the world including Japan, France, Italy, New Zealand, Alaska, Canada and the USA, all purchasing original artwork or leaving positive comments in the visitor guestbook.

Artery Gallery has also been a major supporter of new artists over the past few years from the gallery in King Street, Crieff and through their award winning website, and continues to boost artist profiles by now introducing them to St Andrews where its UK and overseas visitors can see some of the best emerging contemporary artwork first hand.

Bing Wang and his superbly detailed still life oil paintings have also become well collected by Artery Gallery’s local and national buyers, Sangster’s Restaurant of Fife being the most notable.

Since opening, Artery Gallery has exhibited many Scottish artists including painters James Adams, Angela Lawrence, Jackie Gardiner, Marie Hart, Martin Devine and Graham McKean and sculptors Ronna Elliott and Mark Smith. Other artists exhibiting have been from Australia, Canada and across Europe with the latest being renowned Italian artist Alberto Bertoldi with his amazing oil paintings of clouds. Alberto has arranged over 30 solo exhibitions across his homeland and is now showing his work for the first time outside Italy through Artery Gallery.

Jewellery has also shown great popularity all year round with Artery exhibiting works from 10 different jewellers, stretching from the USA and Brazil, to Israel and Eastern Europe, as well as those from a little closer to home! All very different and unique in techniques, materials and style.

St Andrews now has a gallery that defines modern art to compliment it’s lavish historical buildings, chapels and universities.

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