Saturday, 10 November 2007

3 Years and 4 Stars

In 2004, Artery Gallery opened its doors at 22 King Street, Crieff for the first time, bringing with it modern contemporary art from local artists as well as from around the world. The aim behind Artery was to make this art accessible and affordable to everyone. This month, Artery Gallery celebrate their 3rd birthday and at the same time, celebrate retaining their 4 Star Arts Venue title with VisitScotland.

During the 3 years of successful trading in Crieff, Artery Gallery has also expanded into one of Scotland’s prime cities, St Andrews.

The number of artists exhibiting through Artery Gallery has also grown in this time, with popular Scottish artists consistently featuring, such as that of Derek Collins, Graham McKean and Peter Davenport.

In recent months the gallery has also secured unique exhibiting rights on artists Colin Carruthers and Tim Fowler. The Director of Artery Gallery says “We feel this is a bit of a coup for us, being a Scottish contemporary art gallery and securing unique selling rights to the works of successful artists. We always like to work with our artists and try to help them progress, giving them essential feedback we receive from our customers and keeping them up to date with the progress of their work”.

For a historic Scottish town such as that of Crieff, it is important for local businesses to progress and offer an experience that is just that little bit different and build on the good things that Crieff has to offer. Artery Gallery would like to thank all of their customers and visitors alike for their continued support over the past 3 successful years.

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