Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Elvis Presley - 'Flaming Star' to Flaming Art

Elvis Presley still receives much attention and admiration, not only for his catalogue of work but also for his whole image as a single package. His music still lives on today, along with this most iconic image he had, especially in the Pop art screenprints of Andy Warhol which have become some of the most recognised works by the artist.

The image of Elvis Presley is unmistakable, and Scottish abstract artist Derek Collins has incorporated it into one of his own renowned 'Flaming Art' paintings.

Derek has been creating his unique style of abstract art for many years, constantly developing and fine tuning his techniques. Derek creates these stunning pieces by pouring carefully selected special resins, powders, pigments and liquids on to canvas. His creations really come to life though when the main ingredient is added, fire!

He says, “I love the way other paints and lacquers affect one another, if one paint is not compatible the other paint does not want to touch it so it moves away or breaks the weaker paint and forms another effect. When you then add the thinners of different paints, another reaction takes place, too much thinner will make it flow out but set it alight and it will evaporate the thinners and seal off the paints.”

As well as these paints and lacquers, Derek has used all kinds of extra materials in his art, from sand and shards of glass to leaves and moss. He has even been asked on many occasions, by special request, to incorporate ashes from departed loved ones. Being an incredibly sensitive matter, it’s something Derek took on with great pride and care.

He says “Quite often people are left with loved ones ashes and are not quite sure what to do with them. Using the ashes in a painting is a great way to commemorate a life, and creates something close and personal that can be kept in the home and more importantly in the family for years and years to come.”

We have yet to confirm with Derek to find out if he used any of Elvis' ashes in this particular piece!!


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