Thursday, 3 April 2008

Nostalgia and the Now

Artery Gallery welcomes new works from painter Scott Carruthers, exhibiting in St Andrews for the second time.

His paintings are largely inspired by a mix from the nostalgia of his childhood in the 70's and early 80's, along with watching his two young kids grow up. Not necessarily making any comparisons, but being reminded of his early years and how their life today differs in these modern times, yet in a way mirror his own childhood.

Scott explains his thoughts behind one of his works, "Our children seem to be growing up quicker all the time. If you don't believe it, think back to what you were doing and what you had at different stages of your childhood. I imagine it differs greatly.

Kids seem to get to a point where there just want to be older. Yet it will happen all too quickly and before they know it they will be forever chasing their youth.

He adds, "I don’t want my kids to turn around in 30 years and say to me “I was so concerned about growing up faster; I wish there was a way I could of slowed it down.”

I’m sure there are ways of helping that. It’s important that parents understand the need for an orderly progression through childhood. In the past there were important cultural “markers” that determined the ages at which certain behaviours and belongings were appropriate. Those markers seem to have disappeared, or they’ve certainly been moved downward."

"At best, you’re only a kid for about 12 years, with another 70 taken up by adulthood. Surely someone in the beginning didn’t think that ratio through properly!"

Scott's new works, including "Slow this Bird Down" and "Street Children", are exhibiting at our St Andrews gallery now.

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