Thursday, 11 September 2008

Andrew Baines - 'Surreal Human Sculpture'

This short clip gives a brief insight into the 'Surreal Human Sculptures' by Australian contemporary artist Andrew Baines. This particular shoot was done at St Kilda beach in Melbourne, Australia.

Andrew has been creating these Human Sculptures for the last couple of years and uses them for his Surreal paintings for which he has become renowned for across Australia as well as here at Artery Gallery in Scotland.

In 2009, Andrew Baines is planning to create one of his Surreal Human Sculptures right here in St Andrews in conjunction with
Artery Gallery.

We will post more information here in due course, so stay tuned and informed with the Artery Gallery News Blog!

1 comment:

Driving School said...

i love this!
its really surreal and alot like a 1940's silent movie.
very moody indeed and works :)