Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Still Life Oil Paintings by Bing Wang - A Contemporary 'Old Master'

("Strawberry on a White Torrent" by Bing Wang)

We have just taken in 10 brand new outstanding Still Life oil paintings from Artery Gallery regular Bing Wang.

Bing Wang explains his works:

"Recently, I have used the Still Life format as a foil for my ideas. The painting is becoming a vehicle to express a state of mood through the fusion of Minimalism and Realism. Both the process of making and the result suggested an escape from the real and sophisticated daily life.

By depicting the simplest object within the simplest composition but executed in a masterful and astonishing realistic manner, I am trying to engage the viewers into a translucent and peaceful pictorial space.

It is not easy any more to be able to be ‘traditional’ in the contemporary context. But I am still conscious of the meaning of painting tradition and its needfulness in the present to engender resistance to the libidinous flex of media images.

My researches into techniques, media and pigment of the Old Masters and the painstaking working procedure have led my works to a highly finished surface and a sense of timelessness."

With prices for Bing's original oil paintings ranging from £595 to £895, you can have a modern day masterpiece without the price tag of an old one!

Visit our website to view the new Still Life oil paintings by Bing Wang now exhibiting at Artery Gallery in St Andrews and Crieff.