Saturday, 5 June 2010

New Networks and Audiences for Artery

We have a website, a blog, a gallery (!) and now we finally have a Facebook page! I have always been somewhat afraid of social networking sites - but after succumbing to temptation and joining up myself a few weeks ago, I realised how suitable Facebook would be for a quick and instant 'Artery' hit. It's also great for us to get that sort of instant feedback from people who view the page and know the gallery.
Click on our Facebbok badge to take you to our page and become a follower, to receive real-time updates on all our exciting new stock, artists' gossip, and interesting articles.
See you on there!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The Artery Gallery in the UK is fascinating. I love that name. You really do represent the life blood of European art. The gallery really is an artistic conduit. I am an artist and I love to look at the online gallery sites. When art gets this type of showcase there is a much improved ratio of sales. I like the fact that you have broken this down even further to categorize each type of painting. Realism, to Abstract Modernism, there is a compartment for each school. Here in the states we have similar international sites through which to sell and buy art . It seems that though most galleries are still made of brick and mortar they connect to the online community by use of a snazzy website. I think online sales are the way all future art will go. Art has survived every human economic downfall and even in this economy online art is going strong.