Friday, 18 June 2010

Jewellery Making Demonstration

St Andrews is buzzing with the excitement of holidays, graduation the the Open Golf tournament just now. It's a great atmosphere in town with such a cosmopolitan mix of people.

Jewellery designer and maker Sarah Anderson will be paying St Andrews a visit during the Open Golf. On Thursday 15th July, Sarah will be here at Artery Gallery doing a jewellery making demonstration from 11.30am, for those that want a break from the golf!

Sarah is mostly known for her chain-mail jewellery, and her detachable charms are famous. Her designs include intricately linked bracelets, and her charms are made from sterling silver, gemstones and pearls. Each charm can be clipped onto any piece of jewellery such as one of Sarah's necklaces or bracelets, a chain you already have, or even a watch - I wear one of her charms on a ribbon around my neck!

Sarah will be offering customers the opportunity to design their own completely unique charm, and will make it to order for you - which is great of you are buying a gift and can tell the recipient that you designed it yourself!

Come along to the gallery to get a chance to see a Scottish artist in action and to get a little creative yourself!
43 South Street, St Andrews, 01334 478221

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