Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Graham McKean Exhibition!

Graham McKean, 'Bunkered Again!'

First of all, I must apologise for a long absence from our blog! It has been an exceptionally busy summer, and I may have neglected some of our readers - so a big sorry!!

Secondly - a quick round-up of summer in St Andrews......CRAZY! It has been such a busy season, with a fantastic amount of tourists from all over the world, lots of golfers, our ever-present local support, day trippers, and many of our St Andrews Uni' students who have stayed for the summer. With such a varied collection of shoppers, it has made our summer really interesting and exciting. It's always great to know where our support comes from, and to meet some of our 'online' customers has been great - we have had a few customers who have come from far-flung corners of the world and said to us that they had viewed the gallery online. It's great for us to meet you - and so strange to think that you have been looking at our gallery from your home in Texas, or in Nice, or St Petersburg, and now you have actually been in here! The world wide web has really made the world a bit smaller.

We have some exciting news for you as well - this week, from Saturday 25th September - we are hosting an exhibition of Graham McKean's work.
Graham has previously exhibited with us, back in 2007, and since then he has gained world-wide acclaim for his paintings. His commissions include the very famous painting of Michael Jackson, created last year, which generated global media interest, and his well known portrait for Celtic FC. Hopefully with our six-week exhibition of his work, we can bring you some of this excitement!
The exhibition is running from 25th Sepember until 6th November - we hope you can come along and have a look, and if you can't make it, images of his full collection with us will be availailable on our website from Saturday.
Also remember you can follow all of our news, gossip, and great photos from within the gallery on Facebook.


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